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CloseNow.com was founded by Sam Garcia. He originally registered the domain name in 1998, and the site went live in 2000. Mr. Garcia has been in mortgage lending since 1980, and is publisher of MortgageDaily.com, and MortgageChronicle.com -- online mortgage trade publications for mortgage professionals.

The site provides users with online services for their property. Real estate agents also access real estate news from CloseNow.com/REnews.html.

The site is organized into four primary categories:

Other useful pages include the 26 page glossary, real estate news and an online real estate bookstore. Other services include free online appraisals and online property insurance quotes.

CloseNow.com is physically located in Las Colinas, a futuristic area in Dallas, Texas, where skyscrapers meet canals and lakes.

Contact Information:

Post Office Box 142451
Irving, Texas 75014-2451

972.501.0224 phone
810.277.8337 fax


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